Many people underestimate the impact a simple contribution can make. Even the smallest gift given in generosity can be profound in the life of another person.

As a volunteer organisation we already see the gift of time given freely but sadly time alone isn’t always enough.

Making a Will is an important safeguard to help protect the future of your loved ones. It is also an opportunity to make a lasting impact by donating to a charity. Including a donation in your Will to Amputees NSW will help us continue the essential programs and support for individuals and families faced with the devastating outcome brought by limb loss.

For many the limb loss happens in during the adult working life. This results in a permanent disability and forcing may out of the workforce with a long path to return. Many are never able to continue in the capacity or roles they had before, and the family and its relationships are pushed to breaking point.

We want your family and friends always come first, but if you are able, please consider the difference you could make by leaving a donation to Amputees NSW in your Will.

How do I leave a gift to Amputees NSW?

If you already have a Will, you can easily make a minor change or addition to it with your solicitor or trustee. We recommend all bequests be discussed with your legal advisor.

You can include Amputees NSW in your Will by:

  • Specifying a particular dollar amount
  • Specifying a percentage of your estate or the remainder of your estate after distributions to loved ones
  • Bequeathing real estate, shares, collections, assets, insurance policies and annuities


We encourage you to reach out and speak with us about how to get started, discussing with your loved ones and how to let us know of your plan so we can recognise your gift and support your legacy.

Call us on 1800 810 969 to talk about leaving a bequest to Amputees NSW.