Amputees NSW is volunteer organisation relying on the generosity of gifted time from the community and those touched by limb loss in some way. Often time is not enough, and we need to fundraise to support the essential programs and services helping individuals and families impacted by limb loss.

It’s About Fun & Community

Fundraising is more than just a way to contribute, it’s also a way to have fun, bring people together and to share those important messages about community.

Fundraising Ideas

There are lots of ways to fundraise for Amputees NSW and the work we do in the community. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Trivia Night
  • Morning Tea
  • Run or Walk
  • At School
  • Through your Sports Club
  • Dinner Party
  • Treasure Hunt

Make It Official

The ideas are almost endless but once you have decided that you would like to host a fundraiser it’s important register with us and make it official.

Fundraising for Amputees NSW requires an Authority to Fundraise, which confirms we have received your details and you have approval to fundraise on our behalf. It is a legal requirement.

How We Can Support You

We will be able to help you understand what’s required, promote your fundraiser and provide you with a resource kit to make the process easier.

Consider COVID-19

Fundraising and getting your community involved is still possible online! There are heaps of events available at your fingertips. Wanted a trivia night but can’t get together? No worries! You can do that online too. There are many different platforms available to you and are ready to be discovered. Start with a google search and go from there.