AMP CAMP is a unique camping program for Australian Youth (12 – 21) living with limb difference.

The program bring teens from all over Australia to a camp facility on the outer edge of Sydney NSW, to share in a peer experience that breaks down the isolation of their difference and introduces them to a whole new and empowered world of independence and community.

Life for a teenager in our world is tough enough, but to live with a limb difference or limb loss that makes you stand out and feel as if no one understands, the impacts can be profound and devastating.

AMP CAMP is the opportunity to discover you are not alone, that others understand, to create, share and develop friendships that can last a lifetime and help inspire you to live beyond the perceptions of difference.

Date :
9th – 12th of March, 2018

Monday 13th of March optional extra day*

Location :
Teen Ranch, 352 Cobbitty Rd, Cobbitty NSW 2570
Cost :
 $ 55.00  per participant

*Additional fee of $40 applies for extra day Monday 13th

Special consideration for travel assistance is available

Sorry registrations for 2018 are now Closed…

( But for campers who will be aged between 12 and 17 years at the time camp commences on the 8th of March, 2019…Stay tuned )


Please Note :

To register as an adult volunteer leader or a camper 18 years or older, please visit the “How To Help” section below and complete an Adult Volunteering registration form.



Camper Registration ( Under 18 years )


AMP CAMP is only possible through the generosity of the community and the volunteers who give so much of themselves to helping our limb different youth.

Unfortunately many of our youth and their families are already struggling with financial burdens associated with the nature of their difference. Bringing our teens to NSW is no easy feat and it comes at significant expense.

On average it will cost $500.00 per participant to simply travel to AMP CAMP.

Help us fulfil the goal…

Everyone who Should come to AMP CAMP, Can come to AMP CAMP

Below are some options on How you can help…




If you are able to support us through donation please click on the link below.

Every little bit helps to bring each teen closer to camp. A place where the difference is what brings unity and belonging.


All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Direct Deposit – If direct deposit is your preference then please use the details listed here

BSB :   062-233        Acct No.:  11339064     Acct Name :   Amputee Association

Don’t forget to email us on so we can provide you a tax deductible receipt.


Credit Card –  Click the link below to use our OZCrowd fundraising link to donate via your card.

Donate to AMP CAMP


Have you thought about going one step further and taking up the challenge to support an organisation or a project like AMP CAMP ?

Each year we find more and more youth living in isolation yet surrounded by people. Often this isolation is self imposed and the challenges of travel are heavily restricted by the financial health of the family.  If we can remove that financial burden then we can ensure no teen misses out on camp when they need it most.

These days its hard to know where your efforts will be invested in outcomes not wages. Amputees NSW is 100% volunteer. So no funds go towards employee wages. In fact all funds raised for AMP CAMP go to AMP CAMP and its development.

If you would like to fundraise in your community for AMP CAMP and make a significant and valuable contribution in the life of youth with limb difference then please email us or call us to discover how to get started.

email:   or   call:  1800 810 969


AMPUTEES NSW is looking for entities to assist with corporate sponsorship and partnership of AMP CAMP.

As a community partner in this space you are investing in real and tangible outcomes for the generation to come.  The story of AMP CAMP is a growing one and with each new teen who comes to camp, the greater we build and share that message.

The message of inclusion and leadership in our shared Australian community.

If your organisation would like to be a part of something significant and invest in a generation of social inclusion then please contact us today.


email:   or   call:  1800 810 969


Leadership Applications for 2018 are now closed.

Leadership Volunteering is an essential part of the AMP CAMP program. Our camp volunteer leaders lead by example and meet AmputeesNSW and State requirements for working with children.  We also provide specialist training in the AMP CAMP space and encourage both Allied Health Professionals and Adult Limb Different community members to apply to join our volunteering team.

If you are 18 years or over and would like to participate in this unique program please apply via the link below.

Leader Application (18 years & over)


Stay tuned as we will be providing you with more information about getting ready for camp as well as how to fund raise and all the requirements you’ll need to make camp the awesome adventure it should be.



Soon you will be contacted to identify all your requirements to meet AMP CAMP leader conditions.  It is Manditory for Camp Leaders  (18yrs +), to have valid Working With Children Checks in order to participate.



We encourage all Health Professionals to consider participating in our camp. Especially prosthetists, occupational therapists and physiotherapists.   You will discover so much more about the lives, needs and abilities of these amazing youth.  AMP CAMP is an opportunity you will not find anywhere else.


Contact us email:   or   call:  1800 810 969

AMP CAMP was created by Camp Director, Russell Hodge after he went through a life changing accident and became an amputee. Through his compassion and understanding of the difficulties facing all who live with limb difference, Russell recognised the need to support youth in perhaps the most difficult time of life.

Each year Russell and his wife Sue, head up a leadership team dedicated to making AMP CAMP. Many of those leaders today started out as campers themselves and understand only too well the challenges ahead which makes them the best possible guides for those new campers.

Russell also knew there was a need to have the best of both worlds and brought allied health professionals into the camp to provide support not only for the youth with their individuals health and wellness needs, but also recognising the youth could give back and provide those health professionals with an opportunity to discover the very real world of problems and solutions these young men and women face daily to live normal lives.

AMP CAMP is now in its 8th year heading into 2018. Since it first began AMP CAMP has grown from just a dozen campers and leaders to 75 participants and leaders in 2017.  In the last 4 years camp has grown dramatically as we look to break the 100 mark.  This growth and scale has helped in the rapid evolution of the camp, its structure and the quality of support it provides.

Most importantly AMP CAMP is the peer support network that youth need most. Themselves.

If you would like to know more about AMP CAMP please make contact on the details listed  below.

We encourage media agencies and businesses to make contact, investigate what AMP CAMP has to offer and share knowledge of its existence throughout all available networks.



phone:  1800 810 969 

postal:   Amputees NSW

               PO Box 129,

               Northmead NSW 2151



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