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AMP CAMP brings together Australia youth 12 years and up living with limb difference, limb loss and amputation.

It is the only dedicated Limb Different Youth Camp in Australia and in March 2017 saw over 70 limb different participants.

AMP CAMP provides a unique opportunity for those youth to share an amazing weekend together. To discover they have difference but they are not alone. It doesn’t just change lives, it saves lives.

While AMP CAMP makes a truly remarkable difference in all lives it touches, it costs on average $500 per participant to attend.

Sadly without support from our wonderful sponsors and donors some teens would simply not be able to attend.

This is what makes your Donation so important.


Mike Shaw is helping us secure funding for AMP CAMP 2018 by riding from Cairns in QLD all the way to Sydney NSW.

That’s a over 2700 kms, starting on the July 13th and finishing August 6.

AMPUTEES NSW has teamed up with Queensland community partner AFSG QLD ( Amputees & Families Support Group QLD).

Lets help Mike in this challenge as he puts the effort into this mammoth ride.

Lets find the that little amount of money that can help us bring more limb different youth to this fantastic camp.

Every dollar makes a difference.

Click Donate Button below & then follow Mike via our Facebook page




For further enquiries

email us on or call us 1800 810 969


AMP CAMP 2017 was only possible through the amazing support given by all our sponsors in the community with special thanks to…

communityfund-logo Commonwealth Bank Staff Community Fund
mc-logo Magistic Cruises – Sydney


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